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Guiding Individuals and Couples through Transition

Couple Holding Hands

Couples' Quick Guide to Positive Communication


Strengthen Your Relationship

Going through relationship difficulties affects your whole life. You may feel distracted and have difficulty concentrating at home or work. You may feel frustrated because it seems like you've tried everything. You may be tired of having the same argument over and over again or talking in circles without feeling heard.


Sometimes our relationship gets off track, and we need help finding our way back. We often get stuck in a pursuer-distancer pattern, with one person desperately trying to resolve issues at all costs while the other person pulls away. Learn to get out of the unproductive loop, and communicate in a way that moves you both forward. Reconnect with each other and what brought you together in the first place.


As a Gottman educator, I am trained to use the research-tested Gottman principles to help you build positive connection again. Contact me to find out what's possible for your relationship.

Learn more about the Gottman principles:

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