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Grief Affects You Physically

  1. Grief affects our breathing. We catch our breath when someone dies. I may notice that I'm sighing more or just holding my breath. Practice breathing by taking a breath in to the count of 5; breath out to the count of 7. Breathing out longer than you breathe in will help to lessen your anxiety and return you to a state of calm.

  2. Grief affects our water intake. We may forget to drink and suddenly feel thirsty. Drinking water can also promote a feeling of calm.

  3. Grief affects our nutrition. We don't feel like cooking, so we eat something just because it's there. Because our bodies carry our feelings, it is important to nourish them with good food. That doesn't mean you have to cook gourmet meals, but some nutritious snacks will go a long way to help treating our bodies well.

  4. Grief affects our motivation for movement. We don't want to exercise. But starting with some simple movement like walking around the house can be a helpful start. Then working up to walking in nature as weather permits. Walking with a friend is also helpful. Do some simple activity that you enjoy.

  5. Grief affects our sleep. When we slow down at night, thoughts can come rushing in and prevent us from sleeping. Imagine a container that can comfortably hold all those thoughts until until you are ready to deal with them. After a good night's sleep you can choose what to deal with, when to deal with it, and how to deal with it. Taking things a little at a time helps to keep grief from being overwhelming.

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